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File:Cuillère Fontalès Paléolithique MHNT.PRE.2010.0.11.1.jpg|thumb|Spoon engraved in reindeer antler, Magdalenian MHNT File:Cucchiai Pompei.jpg|thumb|right|Spoons from Pompeii displayed at Naples National Archaeological Museum File:හැඳි ආන.JPG|thumbnail|right|Coconut shell spoons hanging in a traditional spoon hanger at a Sri Lankan home File:Dornum Honig Löffel.jpg|thumb|A wooden honey spoon A '''spoon''' is a utensil consisting of a small shallow bowl, oval or round, at the end of a handle. A type of cutlery (sometimes called flatware in the United States), especially as part of a table setting|place setting, it is used primarily for serving. Spoons are also used in food preparation to measure, mix, stir and toss ingredients. Present day spoons are made from metal (notably flat silver or Household silver|silverware, plated or solid), wood, porcelain or plastic.
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1- king kukulele's kuestion - denny moynahan, 5 minutes **2- the pony pokie - ruby qi tondelli, 2m 3- indiana donut & the film about bad filmmaking - chester burnett, 3m 4- indiana donut & the raiders of the lost creampuff - c. burnett, 10m 5- teddy - geoff seelinger, 3m **6- make noise - jonathan menchin, 3m 7- spoon & packet in the afternoon - phil marion, 8m 8- elemental trio - phil marion, 5m **9- feel free to cry - sunny war, 3m **10- studyb - ralph loynachan, 2m **11- faces of funny farm - andy bustin, 3m 12- corporeality - l. m. sabo, 2m **13- swell jam session - ralph loynachan, 2m 14- the everden - clint enns, 15m **15- tear tough veer - ralph loynachan, 1m **16- sweet oda. - ralph loynachan, 1m 17- friends - doug ing, 4m 18- soup in the gutter - marvin choi, 4m 19- downtown news - the here & now (paolo davanzo & lisa marr), 3m 20- don't leave it all to imagination - clifford novey, 2m 9pm- **21- opening sponto - paul orso, 2m **22- sponto lives - shirley vernale, 4m **23- dogman - rey wolf, 4m 24- my dead muse - kalynn campbell, 4m **25- bass face - tad dery, 4m **26- me, diva & the firm - joe nucci, 5m **27- you've forgotten how to scream - rex butters & paulie dee, 4m 28- remains - will erokan, 3m 29- scout - marc bascougnano, 6m **30- cast off your metaphysical shark cages (one) - gerry fialka, 7m 31- aurora net - bruce atchison, 3m 32- that feeling you get when you stand in a forest and feel time - atchison, 3m **33- desiree - nick newlin, 4m **34- canto ubertino - julien mangogna, 4m 35- meta cognition - chris westhoff (geoff seelinger pxl remix), 19m **36- cast off your metaphysical shark cages (two) - gerry fialka, 7m **37- imfm2rsucs - joseph weidinger, 4m **38- keep ya - wrasslin' poodles, 7m 39- tentatively a convenience's philosopher's union member's mouthpiece - wanda villa - 6m 40- departures leap day night live concert, february 1988. -atchison, 42m 1
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